Tata Motors to launch Indica EV on UK streets this year

Tata Motors is readying the production version of the Indica Vista EV, an electric vehicle that Tata have been touting in concept form at many auto shows. The Indian carmaker has setup an electric vehicle manufacturing unit in Coventry, UK, that is ready to churn out 1,500 EVs every year. An achievable number for the sales team too, we believe, considering the fact that Tata is targeting fleet operators to begin with when the Indica Vista EV goes on sale in a few weeks from now.

The Vista EV was pioneered at Tata Motors UK subsidiary, Tata Motors European Technical Center Plc (TMETC).


Tata Motors in a statement –

With a top speed of 114 km per hour, lively acceleration and a range of 160 km, this four-seater family hatchback, with ample luggage space, is a testament to the efficiency of the EV drive-train packaging. The lithium-ion batteries in the car are produced by Miljobil Innovasion, a subsidiary of TMETC based in Norway”.

The car will be on sale in the UK this summer and will be targeted primarily at business and fleet users. Tata Motors is said to have built 40 units of the Indica Vista EV already with body panels / parts shipped from India. The end cost of the car could stand at £20,000 (Rs 14.33 lakh), including the £5,000 (Rs 3.5 lakh) subsidy provided by the government on electric cars.

However, India will be disappointed because due to inadequate development of infrastructure in India, the company has no plans of launching the car here.

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Video of Tata Indica Vista EV