Teaser shows first glimpse of TaMo Futuro sportscar, debuts March 07

To keep the hype train rolling, Tata Motors has released a first glimpse of its first car under a new sub-brand, TaMo, which will be premiered in concept format at the 87th Geneva international motor show on March 07, 2017.


Tata Tamo sportscar official first glimpse.

It’s already known that TaMo’s debut vehicle will be a 2-seater performance car, called ‘TaMo Futuro’. Developed in-lines of small mid-engined 2-seaters like the Opel Roadster and Toyota MR2, the Futuro is expected to be priced around Rs 25 lakhs and will be a limited edition model restricted to just 250 units that might go on-sale sometime in the middle of 2018.

The latest teaser doesn’t show too much of the car, aside from the large three-dimensional acrylic grille that compliments the presence of the air intakes which suggests a highly aerodynamic sculpting of the front bumper. We also get to see a well trimmed metal sculpture that evokes the engineering gravity of some of the world’s finest supercars i.e. Ferrari, Lamborghini.

The Tamo Futuro will ride on the company’s Advanced Modular Platform (AMP) that is reported to feature a twin-turbocharged 1.2L Revotron petrol engine which will be tuned to produce power figures of over 180 bhp+. Although the power figures may not impress many but the entire car will actually weigh under 800 kgs so that the power-to-weight ratio is by sportscar standards.

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