Tata Motors revives Indica DICOR in March

After successfully launching the Indica Vista, Tata Motors simply ignored the old Indica. The lack of BS4 compliance meant that the sales of Indica plummeted in the metro cities. Tata introduced the turbocharged Indica into the main cities under the name Turbomax. They now have said the DICOR model (rebadged as CR4) is also making a comeback.

Tata Indica V2

Tata Motors anticipates volumes to grow with addition of new variants.

Mr Ramakrishnan, Tata Motors Vice President (Commercial-Passenger Car Business Unit) we will be introducing a Tata Indica BS IV variant (diesel) with CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) next month

The BS4 variant and will be priced moderately higher than the BS3 variants because of the cost on the CRDI mill. But it will be lower than the current generation Vista to avoid any customer conflict.

Source – EconomicTimes