Tata Motors launched ‘Tata Motors Service’ for passenger vehicles


Continuing with initiatives as part of its Horizonext strategy, Tata Motors recently announced the launch of Tata Motors Service’, a comprehensive and renewed customer service programme to further enhance its customer service levels, backed by technology, strong dealer network and consumer insights.Unveiling the new brand identity for its Service programme.

Mr. Ranjit Yadav, President – Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, said, “Through ‘Tata Motors Service’, we pledge to bring the best-in-class vehicle after-sales service experience for our discerning customers. As a part of our even greater focus on customer delight in our HORIZONEXT strategy, these service initiatives harness technology, our network and customer insights to take customer service to a higher level of customer satisfaction. With these initiative, we are harnessing our over 800 technology backed sales outlets and customer insights to take our customer engagements to the next level”.
‘Tata Motors Service’ rests on three core customer-desired Service Promises:

  • Responsive: Tata Motors Service’ will bring speedy assistance through 5 Responsive Service offerings
  • Service with unmatched Reliability: Quality Service is a key deliverable across all Tata Motors Service Stations. Nearly 20,000 technicians, and 20,000 staff, which includes workshop supervisors and front office staff have been trained and certified by Tata Motors. There are 2 Service offerings under this Promise.
  • Best Value: Tata Motors is known for delivering Best Value products which give value for years. Service products are also designed on same philosophy. This Promise has 4 offerings.

Tata Motors Service

Announcing introduction of customer-focused Service initiatives, Mr. Ankush Arora, Senior Vice President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (Commercial), Tata Motors said, “We believe that excellence of after-market services is a market imperative and the true hallmark of a market leader. We are empowering our network with tools, technology and processes to ensure that Tata Motors Service truly stands for responsiveness, reliability and best value that delight our customers”.

Tata Motors Service introduces an innovative Biometric and RFID-based real-time tracking system of vehicles, called the ‘Vehicle Tracking and Bay Scheduling’ (V-TABS), to provide live information regarding the location and status of vehicles while at the dealer workshop. This high-tech tool will enable customers to keep track on the progress of their vehicles through various stages at the workshop and also significantly improve workshop productivity.

While transforming sales and service offerings, Tata Motors simultaneously announced new processes to increase its efficiency in service delivery with a Dealer Certification programme, ‘Delivering Delight’ which will help upgrade the workshop quality at dealerships. This process is being piloted in Concorde Motors workshops at Mumbai and Pune.

The company today rolled-out 11 distinctive service offerings, under the three brand promises of Responsive, Reliable and Best Value Service across the company’s nationwide service network of over 800 Service centres, spread across 500 cities and towns.

New Tata Motors Service initiative
Key Service Promises and offerings are as below:

Responsive Service:

  • Doorstep Service: Tata Motors today unveiled Doorstep Service Van, designed and developed on the Tata Super Ace platform, to offer quick service delivery for emergency services or for even periodic maintenance customers with busy schedules. In addition to it, the Doorstep Service Van has also been designed for any minor repair requirement of Tata passenger vehicles and comes fully equipped with major workshop tools & equipments including heavy machinery like generator & compressor. It is also well stocked with spare parts, for faster Service solutions. The van can perform over 30 minor repairs. Tata Motors plans to introduce upto 20 Doorstep Service Vans, in India, by the end of 2013.
  • Online Service: Through an online service appointment facility, customers can select a time slot, date and a dealer of their choice for servicing their vehicle.
  • Speed-O-Service: This service offering has been designed to offer quick repair services in just 90 minutes, using 2 technicians and dedicated bays.
  • Quick Repairs: This addresses customer’s requirements of minor repairs like bulb change, fuse repairs or even flat tyre replacements, which require not more than 30 minutes of workshop time.
  • 24X7 On-road assistance program: A breakdown assistance programme, this service offering is an on-road towing assistance service, available across a dedicated network of over 2,700 authorised service providers, which could be accessed through a toll free helpline (1800 209 7979). A quick response is ensured within 60 minutes in city limits and within 120 minutes on highways and other places.

Service with unmatched reliability:

  • Quality Service: Under this offering, each vehicle is subjected to standard quality checks to identify repair requirements not noticed or reported by the customer, ensuring that complete health of the vehicle is assessed, attended to and customers are apprised.
  • Diagnostic Expert: For ensuring availability of expert diagnostic skills in workshops, Tata Motors runs a comprehensive 3 months program to shape up ‘Diagnostic Experts’ who have advanced technical skills. Diagnostic Experts service vehicles which have high electronic connections. They also train other workshop staff. This improves the reliability of Service thereby ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Best Value:

  • Rapid Repair: Rapid repair is a cost effective, quick and specialised body repair program. Small dents, scratches and such body jobs are attended to with an assurance of the car delivered on the same day. This facility is in addition to the normal fully equipped Body repair shop.
  • Value Care: It is a customised maintenance plan for Service, minor and major repairs including wear & tear with flexible payment options. The Value Care plan covers labour, parts, consumables, and guarantees substantial savings through price protection against inflation and ensures appropriate resale value for the vehicle at the time of exchange. Thus, customers accrue huge savings on cost of maintenance over a period of time.
  • Tata Motors Original Parts: Tata Motors is the only manufacturer in the industry to provide 1 year warranty on its genuine spare parts, which are trademarked as ‘TOP’ (Tata Motors Original Parts).
  • Extended Warranty: A protection against unforeseen breakdowns, the Extended Warranty programme extends warranty benefits for up to 4 years or 150,000 Kms, applicable to all Tata passenger vehicles. This program allows our customers to choose an extended warranty of 12 months/150,000 kms or 24 months/ 150,000 kms.

Explaining the above service offerings, Mr. Dinesh Bhasin, Head (Customer Support), Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors said, “We want our Service to make the difference in the passenger car market and with this in mind, we have taken efforts to provide world-class customer experience to our esteemed customers.”


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