Tata Motors future products to focus on quality

The general impression one has about Tata vehicles is not good at all. When one says Tata, what immediately comes to mind is, the little white Indica cabs that run around town, or the low quality levels in the Nano, or the bad experiences one had at a Tata after sales service centre. As the top officials at Tata motors have now realized, this sort of impression is not very good for business.


2013 was quite a bad year for the Indian automobile industry on the whole. Fuel prices skyrocketed, the government imposed a heavier tax on SUV’s and the government policies didn’t help much either. This affected the sales number of Tata Motors to a pretty bad extent. To recover from this, Tata Motors is taking some drastic steps in 2014. Tata Motors will launch a range of completely new vehicles in this year, and all these vehicles will have a blend of performance and safety and will cost low as well. Tata Motors has also launched the HORIZONEXT program, according to which, Tata will be focusing on better quality levels throughout their product range and customer satisfaction has been given the number one priority.

Tata is the leader when it comes to commercial vehicles, and now it is time for them to be at the top with thier passenger vehicles too and they  plan to do so, by offering a better showroom experience to the customers, and also by training the after sales service personnel at an advanced level. Through social networking mediums, it has come to the notice of Tata’s top officials that a majority of Tata’s customers are not at all happy with the quality of after sales support provided to them, and hence Tata has made it a priority to train the service personnel.

The next thing to do on Tata’s agenda is to breathe some life into their petrol cars, which are known to be underpowered and lifeless. As a solution to this problem, Tata will be launching an all new 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine which is a first from an Indian Manufacturer and will be the only Indian competitor to Ford’s Ecoboost technology and Volkswagen’s TSI technology. This new engine will find its way into the engine bays of the new Vista Hatchback and The new Manza sedan. Speaking of which, these two upcoming cars will be laden with never seen before quality levels on a Tata since they are Tata’s Global cars. Also high on Tata’s agenda is, developing engines which can run on alternative fuels. For the year 2014, Tata is seeing a global vision and is hoping with all fingers crossed that it comes true. All said and done, we can expect a lot from Tata in 2014, if they stick to their promises.


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