Tata Motors stunning concept vehicles of all-time (Updated)

TATA Motors research provides the much-needed inspiration for the birth of new ideas, which in turn breathes new life into products. World-class automotive research and development are key factors that contribute to the leadership of the Company. Here are Tata Motors stunning concept vehicles of all-time showcased at various events.


1.TATA Aria Roadster – TATA showcased in the year 2000 the concept of an exceedingly good looking roadster – a two seater coupe convertible – called the TATA Aria. The then Ms. World Yukta Mookhey, along with the TATA Group Chairman Ratan TATA did the honour of unveiling the Aria to the international press.

Built on the same platform as the TATA Indica, The TATA Aria, proposed to be powered by a 140 hp engine

TATA Aria Roadster


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TATA Aria Roadster - 001     TATA Aria Roadster - 002     TATA Aria Roadster - 003     TATA Aria Roadster - 004


2. TATA Aria Coupe – This car is built on the TATA Aria roadster concept that TATA had unveiled at year 2000 Geneva Auto Show. The TATA Aria coupe and roadster are on the same platform as TATA’s B-segment 5-door hatchback car offering – the 1.4 litre TATA Indica.

The TATA Aria Coupé has been conceptualised to be powered by a high performance 1.6 litre – 2.0 litre petrol engines, and has been styled in Italy.

TATA Aria Coupe


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TATA Aria Coupe - 001     TATA Aria Coupe - 002     TATA Aria Coupe - 003     TATA Aria Coupe - 004


3. TATA Safari (A 3-Door Offroader) – TATA presented a concept of a 3-door Sports Utility Vehicle in 2001. Built on the same platform as TATA’s current large-sized 5-door 4×4 offering, the TATA Safari, the 3-door modification has been carried out in France. At 2450 mm wheelbase, the 3-door concept version is 200 mm shorter than the current Safari’s wheelbase and has all the features of the 5-door version like air-conditioning, power steering, power windows, central locking, electronic shift-on-the-fly, limited slip differential, airbags, ABS etc. As the phenomenal growth of the SUV market in Europe, both in the 5-door and 3-door versions continues, TATA’s 3-door Safari variant is likely to considerably enhance its presence in this segment of the European market.

TATA Safari (A 3-Door Offroader)


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TATA Safari (A 3-Door Offroader) - 001          TATA Safari (A 3-Door Offroader) - 002          TATA Safari (A 3-Door Offroader) - 003


4. TATA Indiva – TATA Motors has unveiled a new 7-seater MPV concept in the year 2002. Built on the same platform as TATA’s B-segment offering, the TATA Indica, this MPV concept demonstrates the versatility of the TATA Indica platform.

The TATA MPV, the TATA Indiva has been designed as a compact, space-efficient vehicle and is amongst the shortest 7-seater conceived with an overall length of just under 4.3 metres. It has a high seating position, which enhances passenger comfort, safety and visibility. The interior layout is flexible with the 3rd row of seats being removable which frees up interior space. Sporting 16″ alloy wheels, it has been designed as a streamlined peoples’ carrier, which is more car-like with on-board electronic systems integrating high level of in-car entertainment, navigation and internet connectivity. The concept has a permanent sunroof and a headliner with LED lighting, which gives the interior an airy, spacious feeling.

TATA Indiva


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TATA Indiva - 001     TATA Indiva - 002     TATA Indiva - 003     TATA Indiva - 004


5. TATA Indigo Station Wagon – TATA Motors unveiled the TATA Indigo Station Wagon at the 73rd Geneva Auto Show in the year 2003.

The TATA Indigo Station Wagon is an extension of the versatile compact car platform, which has already enabled TATA Motors to launch a hatchback (TATA Indica) and sedan (TATA Indigo) version in India. The TATA Indigo Station Wagon is a premium feature, life style, contemporary offering with excellent performance, ride and handling characteristics. Powered by 85 ps (62.3 kw) gasoline and 70 ps (52 kw) turbo-charged, inter-cooled, diesel Euro III engines, the TATA Indigo Station Wagon has independent McPherson strut suspension at the front and a 3-link, independent suspension at the rear for maximum ride comfort and handling.

The car has been designed to very high standards of comfort, space and manoeuverability. The exterior styling and contours are in line with the current European trends giving the car a sleek and modern appearance. Large interior space and ease of ingress and exit have been thoughtfully incorporated to enhance passenger comfort.

TATA Indigo Station Wagon


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TATA Indigo Station Wagon (New) - 001     TATA Indigo Station Wagon (New) - 002     TATA Indigo Station Wagon (LHD) - 003     TATA Indigo Station Wagon - 003


6. TATA Indigo Advent – TATA Motors unveiled the TATA Indigo Advent – a Softroader, at the 74th Geneva Auto Show in the year 2004.

The Indigo Advent is an extension of the TATA Motors’ versatile compact car platform. The TATA Indigo Advent is a contemporary crossover offering a combination of attractive features of a Sports Utility Vehicle and a Station Wagon. With the handling characteristics of a car, the roominess of a minivan and the appearance/stance of a Sports Utility Vehicle, the TATA Indigo Advent offers a family-friendly alternative to a bulky SUV.

The TATA Indigo Advent is powered by an 85 ps (62 kw) gasoline and a 70 ps (52 kw) turbo-charged inter-cooled diesel engine. The TATA Indigo Advent rides on independent McPherson strut suspension at the front and 3-link, independent suspension at the rear, providing superior ride comfort and handling. High ground clearance provides a commanding driving position. The car’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by trendy and contemporary styling cues.

TATA Indigo Advent


7. TATA Xover (pronounced crossover) – TATA Motors unveiled the TATA Crossover, at the 75th Geneva Auto Show in the year 2005. It has been launched as the Tata Aria. Most of the body design remains unchanged except for the grill, headlamps and minor cosmetics.

The crossover segment “crosses over” traditional definitions for cars and trucks by blending aspects of both. While the trendy crossover has car like construction and ride characteristics, it has the utility of a minivan but with more style and performance.

The TATA Crossover is proposed to be available with a 89 kW-130 kW range option both in diesel and petrol. High ground clearance provides a commanding driving position. Spacious interiors provide for flexible seating and ample cargo storage space. A frame-based design and a rugged underbody that’s not easily prone to damage make it a tough off-roader. Its distinctive styling gives it a contemporary aggressive and sporty image. The gearbox is offered in 4/5 speed automatic and 5/6 speed manual versions.

TATA Crossover


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TATA Crossover - 001     TATA Crossover - 002     TATA Crossover - 003     TATA Crossover - 004


8. TATA Cliffrider – TATA Motors unveiled the TATA Cliffrider, a “Multi-Utility Lifestyle Vehicle” Concept, at the 76th Geneva Auto Show in the year 2006.

The TATA Cliffrider is derived from the TATA “Crossover” Concept, which was originally unveiled at the last Geneva Auto Show. Sporting a silhouette like a high-slung sedan, the TATA Cliffrider is a dynamic package that combines lifestyle and sporty usage with the practical functionality of a pick-up truck.

The Concept showcases TATA Motors’ idea of how a utility product could evolve in future for the discerning customer through a truly multi-purpose, multi-terrain usage of a car.

The exterior styling cues carry forward the visual theme of the TATA Crossover. The door trims show a continuity of form due to the disguised central pillar, with the front door hinged at its leading edge and the rear door at its trailing edge, allowing better access to the rear seats. The interior emphasizes space and elegance with an innovative ventilation system and driver-oriented instrumentation stylishly packaged in the steering column. Long beam lights mounted on the roll bar and a load-body suited to carry mountain bikes, skis or snowboards re-inforce the “fun and adventure” image. It can also carry goods in the load tray which can be hidden from view as well as protected from weather conditions by a sliding cover.

Configured to be fitted with a range of Euro IV engines including a V6 Petrol and next generation Common Rail diesel power trains, it would offer multiple airbags, ABS, Traction Control, Navigation Control and a host of other contemporary features. The TATA Cliffrider would be available in 4×2 as well as 4×4 versions.

TATA Cliffrider


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TATA Cliffrider - 001     TATA Cliffrider - 002     TATA Cliffrider - 003     TATA Cliffrider - 004


9. TATA Elegante – TATA Motors unveiled the TATA Elegante, a Sedan Concept based on all new platform, at the 77th Geneva Auto Show in the year 2007. TATA Manza sedan is derived from this concept.

The TATA Elegante, larger than the current TATA Indigo Sedan, is conceptualized to incorporate 4 cylinder transverse petrol and diesel engines from 1.4 litres through to 2 litres and a compact V6 petrol power unit. Common rail direct injection turbo diesel engines with variable valve timing and capabilities to comply with Euro V emissions norms will also be available. Power varies from 90 to 200 PS with torque of upto 280 Nm. Transmission options include 6 speed manual and automatic gearboxes.

Besides meeting all European safety, crash-worthiness and emission standards, the TATA Elegante’s features include satellite navigation system, cruise control, integrated blue tooth compatibility, heated mirrors, rain sensor, front and rear parking sensors, and many other contemporary features. Several of the design cues of the TATA Elegante will be incorporated in the forthcoming generation of TATA Indica and TATA Indigo cars.

TATA Elegante


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TATA Elegante - 001     TATA Elegante - 002     TATA Elegante - 003     TATA Elegante - 004


10. TATA Pr1ma – Tata Pr1ma is a concept luxury saloon designed by Pininfarina and built by Tata Motors. It is based on the Tata Indigo’s wheelbase. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2009. They called it Pr1ma in translation of the Italian word meaning “first”.

So far this is a mere concept car but it could very well spell the design signature of the next Tata Indigo sedan. After all it is based on that car’s platform. The Pr1ma is a four-door sedan with a 2.7 metre wheelbase which is longer than that of the Indigo. Its lines seem to have a measured fluidity about them, spelling not only a more upmarket car but one with a slight thought of sportiness. Further evidence of this is in the coupe-like form of its roofline towards the rear. The trapezium front grille and semi-trapezoid tailpipes assist in painting a picture of a higher-class vehicle, certainly one higher than an Indigo.

As far as class is concerned it may be suggested that the Pr1ma is going after leaders like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic sedan and Chevrolet Cruze. The Tata Pr1ma can be seen at close range at the Geneva Motor Show right now. According to earlier rumours, the production model is expected to launch by late-2012.

TATA Pr1ma


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TATA Pr1ma - 001     TATA Pr1ma - 002     TATA Pr1ma - 003    TATA Pr1ma - 004


11. TATA Nano Europa – This version of the Nano was first shown at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, but has yet to go on sale. Heavily upgraded to meet EU safety and emission standards, the car will have a number of improvements over the standard Nano, including an extended wheelbase, a new 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, electric power steering, twin airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and an improved interior and exterior. The Nano Europe will be more expensive, heavier, and less fuel efficient than the standard Nano with prices said to be around US$6000.

Tata Nano Europa - FrontViewTata Nano Europa - RearView


12. TATA Pixel – Tata Pixel, new city car concept for Europe, popularly known as next-gen TATA Nano.

Tata Motors presented at the 81st Geneva Motor Show the Tata Pixel, a new city car concept for Europe. Based on the Tata Nano, the Tata Pixel – at just over three metres in length – is the most package efficient four-seater in the world, comfortably accommodating four adults, unlike a typical city car which is either a two-seater or can accommodate two adults and two children only.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Carl-Peter Forster, Managing Director and Group CEO of Tata Motors, said, “Tata Motors holds true to its belief that there is an opportunity in Europe for a city car, which is optimal in space, manoeuvrability and environment-friendliness. The Tata Pixel is a reflection of Tata Motors’ idea of what such a car should be.”

The Tata Pixel’s ability to manoeuvre and park in the tightest of spaces is made possible by its Zero Turn toroidal traction-drive Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), which assists rotation of the outer rear wheel forwards and the inner rear wheel backwards, while the front wheels turn at acute angles. The result is a turning circle radius of just 2.6 metres. The ‘scissor’ doors rotate upwards from the front to allow passengers to effortlessly enter or exit the Tata Pixel, even in the tightest of spaces.

A forward sweeping roofline, with minimal front and rear overhangs, accentuates the youthful styling. The Tata Pixel is also designed to provide a high level of connectivity. Key functions are controlled by the driver’s smart phone, running ‘My Tata Connect’ – the first integrated human-machine interface (HMI) concept from Tata Motors.

TATA Pixel - FrontViewTATA Pixel - RearView


(Updated 0n 23/04/2012)

13. TATA Megapixel – Tata Motors made some noise at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show with its new Megapixel Concept. The company calls it “a new four-seater, city-smart global range extended electric vehicle concept for the performance-seeking and environment-conscious motorist anywhere in the world.”

Combining a lithium ion phosphate battery and an on-board petrol engine generator for recharging on the move, the Tata Megapixel offers a range of up to 900km (with a single tank of fuel), path-breaking CO2 emission of just 22gm/km and fuel economy of 100km/litre (under battery only power).

The Tata Megapixel, developed by our design centres in India, the UK and Italy, is our idea of a city car for discerning motorists in any megacity of the world,” said Mr. Prakash M. Telang, Managing Director – India Operations, Tata Motors, said.”It is a result of the progress we have made on the Tata Pixel, displayed last year, and also denotes the company’s future design direction.”

No word on when the Tata Megapixel will enter production.

Tata Megapixel


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Tata Megapixel - 001     Tata Megapixel - 002     Tata Megapixel - 003     Tata Megapixel - 004


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