Tata to have 35 new CV launches by March-2014, including new vehicles, facelifts and refreshes

Tata has been ruling the Indian commercial vehicle scene for quite some time now, and it currently owns 60% of the Indian CV scene, but in the last year, Tata saw a steep drop in the sales of its commercial vehicles. To get back up and hit back, Tata has a slew of launches lined up this year. Tata had plans to launch a total of 80 vehicles, including new vehicles, facelifts and refreshes. Out of these 80 launches, 45 have already been launched and 35 more are yet to be launched and Tata is heavily relying on these 35 launches to get an increase in sales figures. The remaining 35 are expected to be launched by the end of March.


Tata had plans to launch the Ultra range of trucks in the LCV segment and the Prima range of trucks in the HCV segment. Of these, the Ultra range of trucks has already been launched with more than 300 units already delivered to customers, and Tata is awaiting feedback from the customers before it can expand availability.

The Ultra range of trucks command a 15-20% premium over its competitors and conventional LCV’s and rightly so, because the Ultra range comes complete with air-conditioning and excellent fuel efficiency, and While the Ultra range of trucks will be powered by engines specifically made for commercial use, the smaller commercial vehicles like the Ace and Magic pickups will be powered by common rail diesel engines taken from Tata’s passenger cars line. Among these new launches will also be new paint schemes for the Ace line of pickup trucks.

Tata also plans to take it to the international level by launching the Ultra range of trucks outside India, in markets like Africa, Southeast Asia, West Asia and Russia where it will be come face to face with stiff competition from manufacturers like Nissan and Isuzu who are already very well established in international markets. Tata already has their work cut out in front of them if they want to make it big internationally.


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Source – HindustanTimes