Tata Motors has found a smart way to co-exist old Indica & Indigo

Consumers have been shying away from buying Tata’s Hatchbacks and small sedans for a while now, and all credit for this goes to the Taxi/cabbie image that Tata cars have. The Tata Indica and Indigo are very reliable cars and are good value for money too, but since a majority of these cars are used by taxi operators, private users were shying away from purchasing them and this was hurting the image of Tata motors as a passenger car manufacturer. Tata Motors developed a strategy to change their image.


Earlier this year, Tata Motors announced that their cars will not be made available for commercial registration anymore, as they wanted to shun off the image of a diesel taxi manufacturer and they wanted more private buyers to purchase their cars. It kinda looks like this strategy is working, as their new cars, the Bolt and the Zest have been selling in decent numbers and these cars were the first to fall under this new strategy adopted by Tata Motors.

Recently, Tata Motors disclosed that they will continue to allow registration of their cars in the commercial space, but fret not, because this applies only to the existing models produced by Tata. The Indica and the Indigo have made it big in the commercial car business and Tata motors saw sense in continuing sales of these cars to taxi operators.

The new cars which will be manufactured by Tata, and those which are yet to be launched by the manufacturer will all be sold exclusively to the private buyers. These cars will be made available to the commercial segment only after their replacement or their facelift is made available to the private segment.


While private buyers need premium feel, high performance, high comfort levels and also good fuel efficiency, taxi operators on the other hand need extremely high reliability, good fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost and comfort.

Tata Motors has done a good job in recognizing this difference between the needs of Private customers and commercial buyers, and they are looking forward to provide for the individual needs of the two segments of buyers.

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