Tata Aria 4×2 will not be a Value for money

Tata Motors has struggled hard to promote Tata Aria MPV, the first India crossover car. So far, the sales of Aria in India have not been impressive, the main reason being the high cost. The kind of features and gadgetry which Aria makes the price point higher and make it difficult to cut on cost.

Tata-Aria-body-shellThe low end variant of Aria 4×4 was launched at a price of 12.91 Lakh which is quite high for an Indian cost sensitive buyer. So, Tata Motors is planning to launch a cheaper version of Aria soon to position itself more aggressively, NDTV Profit reported.

Tata is developing a 4×2 or a front wheel drive variant of Tata Aria in India, but this will not lack features or technology. Tata could simply remove the transfer case and deem the product ready for sale. The company perceives it as a premium product and wants consumers to see it that way. So do not expect the Aria 2WD to be a cost-down version. A huge price or equipment difference won’t exist. The Aria 4×2 hence will not advantage the Innova, the king of the MPV segment in India.

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