Suzuki to showcase a new scooter at the 2012 Auto Expo

Suzuki Access 125cc - Red

The dynamic and powerful 125cc engine of the Suzuki Access 125cc ensures impressive performance on road and delivers 55 kmpl, it has said to be won the many hearts of the Indian middle-class families. The Suzuki Access 125cc is also said to be very economical on roads and is at par with its competitors like Honda Activa, Aviator, etc…

The Suzuki Access 125 commands a long waiting period stretching to over 3 months in most cases due to the high demand for this powerful automatic scooter. This high demand for the scooter has prompted Suzuki Motorcycle India to consider another automatic scooter for the Indian market. Although further details on the displacement or positioning of the new offering from Suzuki remains unknown at the moment, we know for a fact that Suzuki would be unveiling their new scooter at the upcoming 2012 Indian Auto Expo.

“We cannot cope with the demand with our single scooter offering, Access 125. So we plan to come out with a second model, which will be launched during the upcoming Auto Expo,” Atul Gupta, VP (marketing and sales), Suzuki Motorcycles India, said.

Suzuki Access 125cc - Silver

Currently the Indian scooter market is dominated by the Honda Activa and the waiting period for this hugely popular scooter extends upto 4 months. Seeing the growing demand, and the highly potential market, Yamaha India has decided to venture into this segment.

Now we wonder how Suzuki will manage to produce another scooter model when it is struggling to meet demand for the Access 125. Anyways, a new scooter is definitely something that prospective automatic scooter buyers will be eagerly waiting for.


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