TVS Akula 310 Concept based on BMW G310R – from 2016 Auto Expo

To celebrate 33 years of racing TVS Motor unveiled the TVS Akula 310 concept based on the BMW G310R at the 2016 Auto Expo. Developed by the in-house team – TVS Racing the Akula means “Shark” in Russian. TVS Akula 310 concept is a full-faired motorcycle, which also means that the company might launch fully-faired production motorcycles soon.


The power house of the Akula is a race tuned 4V DOHC 310 cc single cylinder engine coupled to a six speed gear box. Although the power figures are not yet disclosed by TVS. The bikes tank, fairing and other panels are made of light weight heavy duty carbon fibre crafted for aerodynamic drag reduction to deliver the track like performance. The Akula 310 features RAM air induction, gill-vents for thermal efficiency, aluminum trellis sub frame, race tuned suspension, on-board gyro camera assist.

The production ready variant of BMW G310R and TVS Akula 310 will get power from a 313cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine with a power output of 34bhp at 9,500rpm, and peak torque of 28Nm at 7,500rpm on the G310R.

TVS Motors plans to launch the Akula 310 by January-2017, before making its debut later this-year.

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