Suzuki Slingshot

Suzuki Slingshot

Suzuki Motorcycles India has launched a new bike which is based on Zeus 125. The new bike has been named “SlingShot“. It was previously expected to be launched in July, 2010 but due to some reasons Suzuki delayed the launch of Slingshot and also requested all the website and blogs to remove all the pictures and details of Slingshot from their websites.

The Suzuki Slingshot features a newly designed sturdy upswept frame construct with a longer swing arm coupled with a preload adjustable rear suspension and a race inspired light weight alloy, sharp edgy head lamps, an all new front fender design, convenient gear position indicator, BS carburettor with a Throttle Position Switch (TPS) and DC – CDI along with the Suzuki Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system. The engine looks like a straight lift off from the Zeus further giving credence that this is indeed a 124cc motorcycle that Suzuki has for sometime, been planning to launch. Once again, it looks like Suzuki has to rely on the rugged and fuel efficient 124cc four stroke engines that is also found on the Zeus and the Heat.

Suzuki India has discontinued the spoke variant of Slingshot and has launched four new variants of slingshot – one is slingshot with front disc brake and 3 variants are of Slingshot Plus. The only difference between slingshot and slingshot plus is that slingshot plus features a new front visor which looks much better in comparison to the regular slingshot variants.

When talking about the design and styling the SlingShot 125 looks very plain and simple in comparison to other bikes Suzuki Slingshot consoleavailable in this segment like recently launched Pulsar 135 and even the smaller segment bike – CB Twister looks better than the SlingShot 125. It seems like the Suzuki designers had GS150R in mind while designing the SlingShot 125 as it carries many design and styling similar to the GS150R. The instrument cluster of Suzuki SlingShot 125 is plain with a large speedometer and fuel gauge with other tell tales on right side of speedometer. All meters are analogue which is very disappointing as other bikes in this segment feature digital instrument cluster with digital speedometer and fuel gauge.

Suzuki SlingShot is available in 4 colours:

– Metallic Mustard Yellow
– Metallic Fox Orange
– Candy Antares Red
– Pearl Nebular Black

But the Slingshot Disc is available in only 2 colours:

– Metallic Mustard Yellow
– Metallic Fox Orange

SlingShot RearThe prices of Slingshot variants on-road Mumbai:

– Suzuki Slingshot Drum Self – Rs. 53000.00
– Suzuki Slingshot Disc Self – Rs. 54600.00
– Suzuki Slingshot Plus Drum Kick – Rs. 52000.00
– Suzuki Slingshot Plus Drum Self – Rs. 54000.00
– Suzuki Slingshot Plus Disc Self – Rs. 55800.00