Suzuki GSR250S unveiled at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, will INDIA get it?


Suzuki GSR250S (semi-faired Inazuma) unveiled at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Along with many other vehicles unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki also unveiled its GSR250S which indeed is based on the GW250 or the Inazuma which was caught on a commercial shoot in the month of May and was expected to hit the sales market by the end of this year in the Indian market. Apart from its scooter range, Suzuki has not obtained the required decent sales for its range of motorcycles in the Indian market.

With the GSR250S being unveiled, a new question has been raised in the Indian minds that “whether GSR250S was the bike which Suzuki India was waiting for in the name Suzuki Inazuma?” The GSR250S has been featured with an inoffensive moderate design, easy riding position, single piece dual-seat and has an overall rider friendly attitude. It looks like some other small range motorcycles (such as Suzuki Zeus) at the rear.

Coming to the technical specifications, the Suzuki GSR250S is powered with a 248 cc engine which produces a maximum power of 24PS at a maximum torque of 22Nm. Stay tuned at BharathAutos for more information.
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Suzuki-GSR250S-semi-faired-inazuma-india-front-view     Suzuki-GSR250S-semi-faired-inazuma-india-side-view     Suzuki-GSR250S-semi-faired-inazuma-india-fairings     Suzuki-GSR250S-semi-faired-inazuma-india-tank