Rumor: Royal Enfield to launch 400cc and 600cc motorcycles in 2015

As per the reports obtained, Royal Enfield is rumored to launch two new high power engines based on the existing engines in 2015. Sources from Royal Enfield have confirmed to our friends at MotorBeam that the company is currently working on two new engines with displacement of 400cc and 600cc. The upcoming bikes are expected to be based on Royal Enfield’s flagship model Continental GT.

royal-enfield-launch-400cc-600cc-bikes-2015Speculated-rendering of the bigger Royal Enfield Classic (image used as an illustration).

Sources also confirm that the company is serious about upgrading their bikes responding to the customer’s feedback in India. The new engines are expected to produce enormous torque when compared to the current-gen engines. Coming to the technical specifications, the new 400cc engine is expected to produce a maximum torque of 41 NM which is 13 NM more than the maximum torque produced by current-gen 350cc engine. Also the new 600cc engine is expected to produce a maximum torque of 60 NM which is 19 NM more than the maximum torque produced by current-gen 500cc engine.

Keeping future pollution norms and maximum torque figures in mind, Royal Enfield might also introduce fuel injection for its upcoming new engines. Currently these two new engines are undergoing testing and are expected to be launched sometime this-year. With the company setting up their third plant near to its Oragadam facility, plans to increase volumes significantly in both domestic as well as international markets.

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Source: Motorbeam