Suzuki cuts down prices for the Inazuma by a shocking 1 lakh rupees!


Suzuki motorcycles in India has had quite a few highs as well as lows with different products they have sold over the years, while some motorcycles were never really successful for them, it was impossible for them to get it out of the mess, but this time around, the boffins at Suzuki have really done something out of the ordinary too get the Suzuki Inazuma out of the mess they made of it.

Suzuki launched its premium 250cc street cruiser motorcycle, named the Inazuma in the month of January this year. The Inazuma was a force to reckon with, because it did everything so well. It was powered by a 250cc parallel-twin engine with 26 BHP of peak power and 24.4 NM of peak torque on tap which could keep the motorcycle at triple-digit speeds all day long and all this was good, in fact it sounded like the recipe for success that a performance motorcycle in India needed, but there was one key ingredient in the recipe which was added in excessive amounts, which in turn ruined the whole dish and that key ingredient was the price.

Even though the motorcycle was a very good one, with a host of features, Suzuki messed up big time with regard to the pricing, as they launched it at a whopping price of Rs. 3.13 lakh, and this was a big mistake. The Indian motorcycle customer is now spoilt for choice with the number  of brands and products available to choose from, and most of these products are competitively priced, so the Inazuma could not stand up to them in terms of sales numbers, and very few numbers were sold.

Suzuki motorcycles India has now realized their mistake, and in a shocking move, has decided to slash the prices of the Inazuma, and that too by a huge margin. The boffins at Suzuki have decided to cut down the price of the Inazuma by a whopping Rs. 1 Lakh, and Suzuki dealerships have conformed that Suzuki has indeed slashed prices for the Inazuma.

Now, after the reduction in prices, the Suzuki Inazuma is more value for money than any other 250cc motorcycle, and the fact that one can get a twin-cylinder motorcycle for just around Rs. 2.45 lakhs makes the Inazuma very attractive indeed, and with this price, the Inazuma can finally stand up to the competition. The nearest competitor, the Honda CBR 250R cannot stand against the Inazuma because it falls short on equipment levels, and the Kawasaki Ninja 300R is way more expensive.


It now looks as though Suzuki finally has a winner on their hands, but it still remains a secret as to how Suzuki  managed to achieve this reduction in price. Are they burning a hole in their own pocket, or have they started local assembly of the Inazuma? There are no details bout it right now, but we’re pretty sure that we will be enlightened by Suzuki very soon, as we’re expecting an official statement from them. What’s even more shocking is the fact that Suzuki will be refunding the difference in the price, so as to avoid disparity between customers.

We are very much impressed by Suzuki’s move and now feel that the the Inazuma should be the first choice for anybody in the market looking for a new 250cc motorcycle, with lots of power, which handles well and is also very comfortable.