Spy Shots – Mahindra’s Honda Dio/ Yamaha Ray rival spotted for the first time

Mahindra's Honda Dio/ Yamaha Ray rival

Mahindra’s Honda Dio/ Yamaha Ray rival

The automatic scooter segment of our India’s two wheelers market is enjoying a decent growth rate. Thus, almost every two-wheeler manufacturer is showing interest to foray into this fast developing segment, future seems pretty promising for Indian scooter buying crowd. The discontinued Kinetic Honda can easily be credited with playing an instrumental role in the development of this segment.

We are not going into depth! Kinetic Honda became Mahindra two-wheelers in 2008, the core business for Mahindra Two Wheelers still lies in the auto scooter segment. Today, our friends at BikeAdvice have captured a glimpse Mahindra’s upcoming scooter spotted on the outskirts of Pune near its plant. This scooter is early prototype with mismatched parts and a lot of camouflage to ensure its identity is hidden.

The scooter seen here is speculated to battle against the likes of Yamaha Ray and the Honda Dio. As per the unconfirmed report, this scooter is codenamed as 301 and will NOT carry the same 125cc engine from Rodeo RX and Duro DX. Although it’s unclear about engine size at the moment we expect a new engine to be get plonked into it with high fuel efficiency and power figures.

Mahindra's upcoming scooter codenamed 301

Mahindra’s upcoming scooter codenamed 301

According to folks at BikeAdvice, this scooter is expected to launch probably by the end of this year, after the launch of the Centuro 110cc motorcycle. Also don’t be panicked to see if Mahindra market’s the new scooter as a ‘female specific’ offering. Apart from this, Mahindra also has a lot of products in its pipeline for the Indian market including a 125-150cc motorcycle, the 300cc Mojo and 2 more scooters as well.


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Source – BikeAdvice