Spied – Renault Fluence


IAB readers once again Bairesh Raj passed on these spyshots of the Renault Fluence testing on the GST road near Chennai where it was seen making rounds. Renault’s new Sedan was launched in Turkey and Russia a few months earlier. The launch will unfold in the next few months during which we expect Renault to announce a 1.5-liter diesel (think Nissan Micra) and a 2.0-liter petrol engine.


The Fluence will bring down to India from Turkey in the form of knock-down kits. Renault will be anxious to break out of the shell the Logan created with the more modern Fluence positioned in the Corolla-Cruze territory. Launch of Fluence looks certain with pictures of this car from places like Chennai and Pune being published on the net. Before that, Renault has to set up a dealership network.

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Source – IndianAutosBlog