Spied – Bajaj’s ultra low cost car RE60

Bajaj Auto India (BAL) is better known for manufacturing motorcycles and auto rickshaw is all set to unveil its first four-wheeler in the country. Bajaj’s ULCC namely Bajaj RE60 will be unveiled on 3rd of January 2012. This four-wheeler mainly aims for the commercial application. The company introduced its ultra low cost car concept at the Auto Expo 2008, which saw many ups and downs in its journey. With so much of strategy changes, the result came out to be a four-wheeler, which has been upgraded from three-wheeler, which is a bit of let down here.

Bajaj’s ULCC

Thanks to BSMotoring for having presented a small picture which they claim is the actual model. The RE60 is may look like a car but Bajaj Auto claims that it isn’t one. The company has made it quite clear that it doesn’t intend to build another Tata Nano. According to Bajaj, the RE60 will be perfect, low-cost transportation solution; a three wheeler with one extra wheel for stability. It may rival with Tata Magic Iris, not Nano.

For the marketing purpose, Renault-Nissan collaboration is very much interested in promoting the product, but it hasn’t been involved anywhere in the development of the four-wheeler. It is pretty clear that Bajaj doesn’t have any experience in the car segment, therefore, Renault –Nissan Alliance showed much interest in the marketing. During the development of the Bajaj RE60, the MD of Renault India, Mr. Marc Nassif told that the company will first review what exactly is Bajaj Auto offering before taking any further steps regarding this project.

When the car concept was introduced in 2008, Bajaj RE60 was actually seemed to be a tough competitor of Tata Nano. But during the development phase, this four-wheeler came out to be a much of competition to Tata Magic Iris than Tata Nano. Bajaj RE60 is not accompanied with doors or any kind of heavy equipment. The top speed of the car is expected to be 60 to 70 km per hour and shall deliver a whopping mileage of 30 km per litre, which is impressive for a commercial vehicle. Therefore, it would be exciting to see what kind of reactions this “autorickshaw with an extra wheel” gathers at the time of its launch in the country.


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Source – BSMotoring.com