Skoda introduces projector headlamps for the Rapid sedan


2014 Skoda Rapid sedan – ExteriorView

The Rapid has been the best selling car for Skoda ever since it was launched and now, that Skoda has launched the new Octavia, it really is enjoying the boost in sales figures, but Skoda isn’t resting. They’re working very hard on new products as well as updating its existing line-up, and the first to receive the treatment is the Skoda Rapid. Skoda has unofficially launched the updated Rapid sedan in India and there are quite a few changes to it.

Skoda has cut-down on the number of variants in the Rapid line-up. The variants now available in petrol are, Ambition plus MT, Elegance MT, Ambition plus AT and Elegance AT. The diesel line-up now has only one variant which is, the top of the line Elegance model. The special edition ‘leisure’ variant does not receive any updates, which means, in all likeliness, it might be discontinued in 2014.

The interior upgrades include a chrome lining on steering wheel, Bluetooth-enabled security-coded music system, steering-mounted audio controls, climatronic AC, front passenger seat adjustment from the rear and storage pockets on the backrest. The gear lever also gets wrapped in leather and definitely looks much better than before. On the exterior, the only update the Rapid gets, is projector headlamps only on the top-end Elegance trim. Everything else remains unchanged. There no changes of any sorts on the drive-train or mechanicals. Both the 1.6L petrol and diesel engines remain the same.


2014 Skoda Rapid sedan – InteriorView

The Ambition plus variant now gets more features including projector headlights. Furthermore, it gets all the features of the Elegance variant except the automatic air conditioning, alloy wheels and adjustment of the front passenger seat from the rear. The cars have arrived at Skoda dealers across the country. Do have a look at your nearest dealer!

Skoda looks all-set to embrace 2014 and only time will tell if these changes help the Rapid sell well in the next-year too.


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