Separate category of license to be issued in India for bikes above 500cc

Two-wheelers are considered as one of the quickest mode of transport on Indian roads and it does save the hussle of navigating through heavy traffic and narrow roads, add to it the time spent to search for parking, these advantages make India as one of the largest two-wheeler population. However, before riding any type of motorcycle one must obtain a Driving License from its regional RTO, as per the current rule any individual must be 18 years in age before he can apply for a driving license. License, once issued permits the rider to ride any vehicle in the category specified in the license, for two-wheelers the categories are MC or MCWOG: Motorcycle Without Gear and MCWG or M/CYCL.WG: Motorcycle With Gear.


The license does not regulate on the engine capacity that a rider can ride. Although things might change soon as Government of India is planning to implement a separate catagory of license for bikes above 500cc. This move is important since there is a large number of road accidents involving two-wheelers. As per the Government statistics, last year, 32,524 people were killed in crashes involving two-wheelers and another 1,27,452 people were suffered injuries. The separate category of license will ensure that only those eligible to handle high performance bikes will be able to ride them.

Apart from the change in the license rules Government has made it mandatory to introduce safety features like Auto Headlamp On (AHO) and ABS for two-wheelers in the coming years.

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Source: Deccan Herald