Royal Enfield Himalayan struck in the thickest of jungle repaired by a number plate

Royal Enfield Himalayan has been the news for all the wrong reasons even before its official launch. Post the motorcycle’s launch it proved to be a nightmare for its owners due to the umpteen quality issues and after-sales service problems. In April-2017, a little over a year of its launch the company has temporarily halted the production to sort out these issues.

So, when you are dealing with the motorcycle on a stalled engine in the middle of the thick jungle, without any help available, what would you do? Well, this Himalayan owner is lucky to have Althaf bhai in this situation who gets the engine repaired, with just a registration plate! Surprising isn’t it, but true…

A Himalayan rider failed in his attempts to start the engine, then a group mate of his named Mr. Althaf with a presence of mind noted that the key holding the crank and magnet together has been dislodged. This led to the starter motor to rotate freely which caused this ruckus. Althaf cut a portion of the registration plate to temporarily replace the broken metal key in the crankcase.

This solved the problem and the motorcycle engine roared to life. This tells us about the durability of the Himalayan, which could easily be termed as one of the most problematic commercially launched motorcycle of all times. Hope that Royal Enfield would sort this out the issues in the updated model that will launch next-month by which the riders could not take any risk of repairing a damaged engine.

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