Royal Enfield criticised on Twitter for selling jackets MADE-IN-PAKISTAN

Chennai-based bike maker Royal Enfield are reportedly selling riding gears and apparels across the country which are made in Pakistan. The brand which has a iconic status in India, has been importing and selling riding gears Pakistan for some time now. People on Twitter expressed their displeasure of the company’s business relations with Pakistan-based supplier for bike apparels.

Ever since Royal Enfield launched the Continental GT, the company started to sell riding gears and apparels in several stand-alone stores and dealerships across the country. The Eicher motors brand, have been depending upon Pakistan-based pilot sewing corporation to deliver the goods. Pilot sewing corporation does assist many other bike makers by making fashion jackets, gloves and leather jackets to name a few.

This comes as a surprise as Royal Enfield is ignoring India as a hub to make riding gears and apparels, despite having resources and talent to back them up. It seems that Royal Enfield buyers and fans have got to know about it only recently in April-2017, and the company trying its best to hide it from the Indian public.

Riding apparels are inexpensive to make in Pakistan compared to India, so this could be a factor why Royal Enfield decided to make them there. Also, this is why other bike makers prefer to purchase its accessories from there as well. This issue has drawn much criticism in recent times, after Royal Enfield refused to respond to an email sent by a buyer about its associations with Pakistan.

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Source: MoneyControl