Rewinding the glory: Remember this BMW Z1?

There are always some unsung heroes in every glorious story. Z1 is one such unsung hero in the glamorous history of the German luxury car maker BMW. It was produced from March 1989 to June 1991. The 8000 pieces of the two seater roadster which were produced in one and the only attempt remained much sought after in its era and the craze hasn’t come down even to this date. It is reported that BMW was unable to build more than 10 to 20 Z1 vehicles each day. You can still find some of these giants strolling on the roads of homeland Germany and neighboring Italy. This article intends to refresh the glory and remind you of those old days of Z1.

bmw-z1-coupe-door-open-closeBMW Z1 Roadster

Remember the amazing slide down door opening style. The simple press of a button on the rear would help the door to be dropped to three-quarter of its height. Then the window and door would cleanly pack down into the sill. Having witnessed so many hi-tech, sci-fi styles, this one remains outstanding.  On the inside, the instruments are styled like motorcycle gauges, and the tachometer on the Z1 has a red needle, whereas all other gauges have a white needle. There was no air conditioning in the original vehicle. However, few owners chose to modify their vehicles to have add on air conditioning features.

If one has to find the analogy of Z1 with some modern day luxury car, the E30 3-series comes closest to it. Common abstracts include the platforms used for both these cars and a 2.5-litre straight-six speed transmission. With these specifications, the classic Z1 could generate a maximum of 168bhp. However, its jumbo like weight always kept the speed and performance under check. You may have many comments about the car but for sure it looks cool or rather hot we guess.

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