Photo Rendering – 2016 BMW 7-Series on the works

2016 BMW 7-Series

For every car manufacturer there is always a model or class that represents the brand itself. Nothing in that class can be compared to the any other model of the same brand or another car manufacturer. It’s just that they would want the best of everything in that car. One good example of such model is the Mercedes S-Class, after five years of innovation and research it will hit the market on 15th of May 2013. BMW recently launched a facelift version of its 7-Series, and has already started testing the replacement for the current F02 model.

The new model is codenamed G11, which will be the sixth-generation of the BMW 7 Series. The new car will be based on highly efficient materials in terms of fuel efficiency and performance. Materials like carbon fibre will be used extensively, it is also possible that body parts like roof, bonnet and boot lid may entirely made of carbon fibre. The result may be a weight loss of upto 200 kg than the current model.

The length of the new model is also expected to be 5.15-m long, compared to the current BMW 7 Series which is 5.08-m long. The car will be equipped with some of the top class electronic gadgets from Harman including 3D maps with real-time traffic update, weather updated and downloadable apps. The G11 will also feature an xDrive mechanism, which will transfer power to all the four wheels via a 9-speed ZF transmission. The G11 will be available in petrol and diesel variants.

Well, the above gives just a glimpse of what the G11 will feature; there will be a list of features that the G11 will host.


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