Recent incidents of car burning in Delhi to be investigated by Government

The incidents of automobiles catching fire have been rising steadily. Every now and then a new incident is reported. The primary investigations have led to no concrete and conclusive reasons that might explain these mishaps. Many investigating agencies are probing into the matter further to determine the reasons for the fire. Their reports are pending. Indian Government has felt the need to intervene and take the matter in its own hands. It appears that the Government will also ensure that the automakers rectify any defects that may come into light during this investigation in order to curb such accidents.

government-steps-in-will-screen-car-burning-incidents-in-delhiRecent incidents of car burning in Delhi to be investigated by Government

The Road Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari, has himself confirmed the Government’s decision to make investigation into the matter to recent car fire incidents. As per his statement, the Government will be handling the matter on a war footing at the peak level. More competent authorities will carry our investigations and give proposals on how to resolve the problem, though primary investigations have been blaming short circuits for the fires.

These more competent authorities will look into the matter to deduce whether any of these unfortunate car blazes have been caused by tampered wires to install music systems and other accessories. They will also determine whether such fittings were done by authorized personnel or local mechanics.

If the reports show that the fires were triggered by manufacturing problems and defects, the automakers will be asked to rectify these defects. Strict monitoring will also be conducted every month. The Central Motor Vehicles Rules-Technical Standing Committee will be taking up all such cases. The investigations to be carried out by the government will lay major focus on the reasons for fire and the responsibilities of the auto manufacturers. However, it is not clear yet how the loss of life and property will be compensated.

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