Pictures of fully-faired TVS Apache surfaced online not 250cc variant!


Last-week, a fake picture of fully-faired TVS Apache surfaced online claiming it to be the bigger RTR with 250cc engine spotted undergoing tests at Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. However, at the moment we didn’t have any proof to prove it to be the modified Apache with full-fairing, although we were damn sure that the pictures were captured in Indonesia.

Today after much research, we found an Indonesian-blog which reveals the truth. The bike seen here is basically Apache RTR 160 plonked with full-fairing, but this bike modifier has done the neat job. The true bike enthusiast might judge the bike by first glimpse itself, look at the front mudguard along with the disc-brake assembly are clearly of regular Apache and also its headlamp. Furthermore, the engine case is peering out from under the fairing and the kick start too, stays true to the regular Apache.

I guess Indonesian bike enthusiasts love TVS Apache RTR 160 so much, there dozens of fully-faired Apache on TVS Apache RTR 160 Indonesia Facebook fan page have a look. Also we too uploaded many full-faired Apache pictures resembling Gixxer in our earlier articles. Till date, this modification done here appears to be the handiwork of a veryskilled bike modifier. The bike seen here gives the presence of the big bike displacement above 250cc, if ignored the front thin tyres.


The changes incorporated in this modified Apache are redesigned front-fascia, fuel tank, rear panel, seating position, new swing arm and race exhaust, also note the absence of dual shocks or rather, the presence of a mono-shock and raised rear seating. For me, it appears to have a longer wheelbase than seen in the regular  Apaches. Overall fit-and-finish of this bike seems near factory-made.

Don’t expect the TVS upcoming quarter-litre machine, to resemble the current Apache from any angle. Instead, it will be all-new design from the scratch. It seems the folks at TVS R&D have learnt a lesson from the 2012 upgrade, in which the TVS design team thought out-of-the-box, and unleashed a new version of the Beast. But things didn’t work out as TVS had calculated. As reported earlier, expect the TVS-BMW developed 250cc bike to hit the Indian roads by mid-2014.
Stay tune with for more info on TVS Apache RTR 250.


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2013-TVS-Apache-250-001     2013-TVS-Apache-250-002     2013-TVS-Apache-250-003     2013-TVS-Apache-250-004

2013-TVS-Apache-250-005     2013-TVS-Apache-250-006     2013-TVS-Apache-250-007     2013-TVS-Apache-250-008

2013-TVS-Apache-250-009     2013-TVS-Apache-250-010     2013-TVS-Apache-250-011     2013-TVS-Apache-250-012

2013-TVS-Apache-250-013     2014-TVS-Apache-250-Front-View     2014-TVS-Apache-250-Side-View     2014-TVS-Apache-250-Rear-View