Shocking: No warranty claims for Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350/500 in Stone (Matte) Black colour!

Royal Enfield has been reporting a continuous growth since 2013, and this gives them a lot of scope to introduce new products and update their old products. Royal Enfield recently Gave their Logo a makeover by adding more curves to it, and also added more visual charisma to their motorcycles by launching new paint schemes and colors.

royal-enfield-no-warranty-2014-thunderbird-stone-matte-blackNo warranty for Stone Black (Matte) Colour in 2014 Thunderbird 350/500 models!

Among the new colors that were launched is, the stone black/matte black color which is now available on the Thunderbird, which I must say, looks really good on the motorcycle, but it will not let the owners sleep peacefully and the owners of Royal Enfield Thunderbirds in this color will have a tough time maintaining it for sure, because of the number of conditions that come with the special paint on the motorcycle.

Smack bang in the center, on the petrol tank, is stuck a small disclaimer sticker with instructions on how to maintain the unique matte black color, and it is scary. The sticker instructs the user not to use polish on the motorcycle as it would decrease the colors unique matte finish, it also instructs the user not to use any sort of detergent while washing the motorcycle but to use only plain water. It gets scarier when it gets to the part where it is mentioned that scratches or deep marks cannot be removed and the scariest bit is at the end, where it is mentioned that there would be no warranty coverage for the Matte Black paint finish.

The color has been made available on the Thunderbird 350 as well as the Thunderbird 500, which is not really cheap, and it is unfair to the customers that they cant be at peace after paying nearly 1.8 lakh Rupees for it. The least Royal Enfield could have done is, provide warranty for the motorcycle, which covered the paint too.

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Source – MotorVikatan (on Facebook)