Nissan mulling to offer new sports car below 370Z

Nissan 370Z - Shrunk

According to design head Shiro Nakamura, Nissan is looking to follow along with the latest German engineering techniques of creating motors with smaller displacement fitted with forced induction to power upcoming models.

Along with smaller motors, Nissan is also looking to make its models smaller and lighter. “I much prefer smaller sports car,” says Nakamura, “It is the time to look at that (smaller engines).”

Nissan could be bringing back the 200SX to go along with the 370Z and the GT-R, and Nakamura says “If there is a market we will do it.”

Still, Nakamura has given no word on what the first model to take on these ideas would be for sure, and the next 370Z may have a “larger or smaller engine.” He did, however, indicate that the priority for the next model would be weight reduction.

“Sports car is a core of Nissan. We… really we have to sit down and work out what the future sports car should be for us.”


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