Nimbus e-Car is an electric adventure vehicle envisioned by Brazilian designer

Brazilian automotive designer Eduardo Galvani has come up with a new car that he has named Nimbus e-Car. The car looks like a giant capsule on four wheels with some cool looking riveted arches. It has patina finished paint work. This adventure vehicle runs on electric power.

nimbus-e-car-electric-adventure-vehicle-frontNimbus e-Car – FrontView

As far as the interiors of the Nimbus e-Car are concerned, they have large and roomy all because of the comically bulbous glasshouse. On board, you will get access to features like a removable 7 inch Central Display and Controller, Wi-Fi and a Multifunction Convex Driver Dashboard. The car will also come with an Auto Pilot system so that all the passengers can have a good time enjoying their drinks and the scenery outside while traveling in the Nimbus e-Car. Essential safety features are also in place, such as the side protection bars, six airbags, an isolated tall cabin (Safe Virtual Position) to keep the occupants safe.

nimbus-e-car-electric-adventure-vehicle-rearNimbus e-Car – RearView

Now, the mechanics. Galvani has designed and built a fuel efficient hybrid system for the Nimbus e-Car. The car will run on a 180 HP electric powertrain that is powered by a Li-ion battery. A gas powered micro combustion generator keeps charging the battery constantly. The power is also harnessed from the solar panels mounted on the roof and the regenerative braking. The overall fuel efficiency of the Nimbus e-Car is 180 miles per gallon which is quite incredible.

nimbus-e-car-electric-adventure-vehicle-interiorNimbus e-Car – InteriorView

Galvani is happy with his creation. He stated that a person may experience a process at the subconscious level where he/she modified some perceptions of him/herself to feel that the machine is a part of their own body. It increases the natural capacities and is, perhaps, the psychological reason why some people love their cars. According to him, it is quite simple, the more power and autonomy your car has, the more power and autonomy you feel. And in the same context, the more eco-friendly it is, the more eco-friendly you are.

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Source – Eduardo Galvani