When the Quanto was launched way back in October-2012, Mahindra was quite optimistic about it and expected it to be a success, Mahindra did a good job with the marketing strategies too, calling it ‘the weekend car’and it did sell well for a short period of time, but this was short-lived and as of today, also keeping in mind the total sales numbers, the Mahindra Quanto has turned out to be a dud!

next-gen-mahindra-quanto-spied-frontNext-Gen Mahindra Quanto – FrontView

As all great manufacturers do when one of their product has stopped selling well, Mahindra too has undertaken a refresh drive for the Quanto and is developing the next-gen Quanto. We suspect that this Mahindra test mule which has been spotted recently is the next-gen Mahindra Quanto. Well, the vehicle is covered with camouflage in Mahindra style, and the wheels too are exactly like those on the Xylo, so we know it is a Mahindra, but which one?

Possibility of it being the S101 has been completely ruled out, as the S101 looks a lot different to this and the same is the case with the next-gen Scorpio which is all set to be launched in a few days, so that leaves us with the possibility that this could be the next-gen Bolero, but the design team at Mahindra isn’t stupid enough to shorten the Bolero and take away it’s main USP, which is space and utility. The only car left is, the Quanto, and it makes perfect sense for this to be the Quanto.

next-gen-mahindra-quanto-spied-rearNext-Gen Mahindra Quanto – RearView

The Quanto is a sub 4-metre car, and so is this test mule, the other giveaways were the hatch mounted spare wheel, the out-of-proportion body-line and the small Quanto sized steel wheels. The Quanto also desperately needed a replacement, much more than any other Mahindra MUV/SUV on sale and Mahindra officials had earlier also hinted that a replacement or refresh might be underway, by saying that they were working on improving the Quanto.

The current gen Quanto is powered by a 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and the same is expected to do duty in the next-gen Quanto too, but along with this, Mahindra will also have the option to plonk in the new 1.2-litre petrol engine which is under development as of now.

Will this be successful for Mahindra? Only time can tell us!

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next-gen-mahindra-quanto-dashboardNext-Gen Mahindra Quanto – DashView

next-gen-mahindra-quanto-spied-without-spare-wheelNext-Gen Mahindra Quanto – No Spare Wheel


Source – Motor.vikatan.com


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  • Nar2

    An interesting spy shot = looks like Kia’s Soul

  • bharathautos

    Sir, it’s a Mahindra vehicle for sure, we expect it be a next-gen Mahindra Quanto…