New Yamaha Ray Precious Edition launched


Yamaha Ray Precious Edition – FrontView

Yamaha India frequently keeps updating its products with new colours, and launches the same with special or limited edition tag. Now the company has silently updated the website with the new pictures of its only scooter offering in India line-up the ‘Ray’, what they call ‘Cygnus Ray’, the new model gets glossy black paint job with pink patterned graphics.

On the front, this limited edition scooter gets ‘Precious Edition’ stickers, while on the rear you can see the sticker that reads ‘Ray Cygnus’. The pink graphics with hearts might appeal to female buyers. Yamaha India is the official sponsor of the Ponds Femina Miss India 2013 and the latest special edition of the Ray scooter seems to be influenced from the same.

Apart from the above mentioned cosmetic changes, the scooter remains unchanged and continues to be powered by a air-cooled 4-stroke 113cc engine with CVT (Continuous variable transmission) that delivers smooth start-up acceleration and good pickup along with great fuel economy. It delivers a peak power of 7.1 PS and 8.1 Nm of Torque. The scooter comes with electric and kick start as standard.


Yamaha Ray Precious Edition – SideView

In September-2012, Yamaha India launched their first gearless scooter the ‘Ray’, targeted at fairer sex. And in May-2013, Yamaha launched this scooter especially for male fans as it has got more sporty looks with lot of decals and a small windscreen on its handlebar, called the Ray Z.


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Yamaha India launched Ray-Z scooter for men priced at Rs. 48,555 


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