New EFI system developed by Bosch that can be installed on any motorbike

New-Bosch-efi-systemBosch fuel injector

The two wheeler segment in the Indian autos market is booming. To keep up with the growing consumer needs, Bosch, an international automotive component supplier, has presented a latest electronic fuel injection (EFI) system. The new EFI system can be fitted into any two wheeler irrespective of that the fact that they might come with fitted carburetors.

The new EFT system introduced by Bosch features a technology quite similar to the one in port fuel injection system commonly used on cars. As carburetors are soon going to be history, the new EFI system is surely going to be comes a very suitable component for any kind of vehicle. Its cost will be similar to a standard carburetor because of incorporation of a compact unit of engine control as well as injection valve with other added features.

Bosche’s new electronic fuel injection system improves the connectivity functions of the two-wheelers thereby providing a rider with all essential information related to fuel consumption on their smartphone device. One can also use their smartphone to active immobilizers by sending signals that will cut the fuel supply.

Bosch-Two-Wheeler-Market-2020Bosch two-wheeler market analysis

The automotive component supplier has very huge plans regarding the new EFI system for motorbikes in the two wheelers in the South East Asian and Indian markets. They are expected good reaction and growth in the coming years. Bosch will also be concentrating on zero emission mobility by bringing a new range of electricity powered scooters.

Bosch has devices the new EFI system with a vision of ensuring that soon there will be no two-wheeler with a carburetor. Bosch is also carrying our processes to create software and functions that can terminate the use of sensors. The company is widely known for its quality products that work efficiently. They make use of excellent and newest technology. Some of their products include motorbike stability control systems and ABS units.


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