2014 Hero Karizma R: All that you need to know

Hero MotoCorp is known across the country for manufacturing some of the finest and excellent quality motorcycles in the autos arena. The company has glowing reputation in its industry and has been consistently manufacturing premium products that are competitive. When the auto maker recently revealed its refreshed versions and new motorbikes, everyone was stunned. One of these bikes to make its debut this year is the new 2014 Hero Karizma R.

2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-front-view2014 Hero Karizma R – FrontView

The new 2014 Hero Karizma R comes with subjective styling. The bike sports a completely new look but at the same times keeps the charm of Karizma bike alive. The front of the bike now comes with LED lights. New LED taillight and a fatter tyre gives its rear a substantial change.

2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-instrument-cluster2014 Hero Karizma R – Instrument Cluster

Though the new looks are striking, they do not look as pretty as the auto maker might have hoped. The instrument cluster of the bike is the same but a side stand indicator has been added. The chrome handlebar of the previous version has been replaced by a new set of clip-ons with grey finishing.

2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-side-view2014 Hero Karizma R – SideView

The new 2014 Hero Karizma R retains the same 223cc, 2 valve engine but it has been tweaked a little to produce more power and torque. The engine now produced a power output of 19.2 PS and a torque of 19.3 Nm. A 120 section soft compound tyre has been used at the bike’s rear to cope with the additional power.

2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-rear-view2014 Hero Karizma R – RearView

With the power boost, the new Karizma R will show enhanced performance. The new 2014 Hero Karizma R definitely has more to offer than the previous version. The bike will also promising handling and maneuverability will be light. The new Karizma R will offer excellent riding quality.

Let’s wait and watch how the new 2014 Hero Karizma R performs in the market and the reaction it gains from the audience.

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2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-022     2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-023     2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-024

2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-025     2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-026     2014-hero-karizma-r-facelift-027