Hero MotoCorp shows-off its 2014 range of two wheelers, unveils 15 new products


Hero MotoCorp shows-off its 2014 range of two wheelers

“Innovation, Technology, Youth & Speed – these are the key buzzwords at New Hero. It has just been over two years since we commenced our solo journey, and in such a short span of time, we have made significant upgradation of our existing line-up, incorporating next generation technology and features. As the market leader, this is also a reiteration of our capability to develop indigenous technologies, and catapult to an era of technologically superior and aesthetically appealing, youthful two-wheelers.

“This is, however, just the beginning. Innovation is a way of life at New Hero, and I have given complete freedom to our young engineers to think beyond the conventional and give shape to their ideas. Come Auto Expo in February next year, and we will be showcasing yet another range of two-wheelers on new platforms.”
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer


The ALL New 100cc Splendor iSmart with ‘i3S Technology’


2014 Hero Splendor iSmart

Consolidating its leadership position further in the 100cc category, HMCL has introduced the new i3S technology (Idle Stop and Start System) for two-wheelers which will make its debut in the all-new Splendor iSmart. i3S is a green technology that automatically shuts the engine when idling and turns it on when needed, thus giving more mileage in congested cities. The evolution of Hero-developed i3S technology signifies the technological excellence achieved by the company within a short span of time and HMCL has already filed for patent for this innovation. All this, coupled with impressive new features, will offer a great combination of style, performance and safety to customers.
The All New 100cc Pleasure with ‘Integrated Braking System’


2014 Hero Pleasure 100cc automatic scooter

Following this up with a remarkable innovation, is Integrated Braking System (IBS) that is being introduced in the All-New Pleasure. The IBS improves the rider’s safety and provides comfort of one brake handle for both front and rear wheels. This technology has also been developed by HMCL’s R&D team and the company has already filed for patent for this technology. With this, HMCL expects to further enhance its presence and consolidate its position even more strongly in the scooter segment as it will be a standard feature across all Hero MotoCorp scooter brands in the future. HMCL’s share in the scooter market has consistently been going up, selling an average of over 55,000 units per month with its two existing scooter brands – the 100cc Pleasure and 110cc masculine Maestro.

The all-new Pleasure is loaded with new utility features that include mobile charger socket, lockable glove box, boot light in luggage box, combination ignition lock with seat opening and side stand indicator among others. The new Pleasure also comes with fresh contemporary styling to target the women riders.
The all-new 150cc Xtreme with ‘Electronic Immobiliser’


2014 Hero Xtreme

Next in league is the Electronic Immobiliser which will debut on the new 150cc Xtreme. The electronic immobiliser is a security device that prevents the engine from running without the correct key. Another key introduction that will offer utmost safety to the premium segment Hero commuters is the Side Stand Switch with automatic ignition cut-off.

All this will come with host of stylish exterior features that include jazzy new speedometer, headlight with stylish eyebrow lights, new LED tail light with light guides, chunky fuel tank among others. The new Xtreme will also be equipped with a mobile charger socket proving greater utility to the rider.
The all-new 223cc Karizma-R & ZMR


2014 Hero Karizma ZMR

HMCL already enjoys a very strong presence in the above-220cc space where it rules the segment with its powerful brand – Karizma. HMCL today unveiled the technologically superior & internationally styled Karizma-R & ZMR.

On the style front, the bikes are loaded with impressive exteriors adding extra oomph to the sporty looks. These include twin headlight, new sporty handle bar, new race-inspired belly pan, muscular front fender, new muffler cover, bulb winker, sporty seating, new side and front faring, wider tyres among others.


2014 Hero Karizma R

The new Karizma is expected to further strengthen HMCL’s foothold in the premium segment as it would add a lot of fun and excitement to the riding experience.
Other Exciting Refreshes


2014 Hero Super Splendor

Apart from these offerings, HMCL also showcased a series of refreshes and variants of existing platforms that include the new 100-cc HF Dawn & HF Deluxe with side stand indicator and clear winkers; the New 100-cc Splendor Pro & 125-cc Super Splendor with new graphics, dial design and side stand indicator among others.


2014 Hero Splendor Pro

Adding zing to the exiting line-up – The new Splendor Pro will come with new carrier and new rear cowl; improved ergonomics on seat; dazzling graphics and black alloy wheels.


2014 Hero HF Dawn

Next addition will be the new 100cc Passion Pro with impressive features such as side-stand indicator; service reminder and stylish all-black saree guard. It will be available with new graphics, new dial design and new body colour among other exterior enhancements.


2014 Hero HF Deluxe Eco

As a distinct addition to the series, HMCL unveiled the HF Deluxe Eco with stylised air foils on leg guards and stylish aero mirrors which helps in lowering the air resistance at higher speeds. Moreover, it is equipped with tyres with low rolling friction.


2014 Hero Glamour

Last but not the least- adding glamour to two of its most attractive bikes, HMCL presented the new Glamour & Glamour FI with fresh racy graphics and dial design.

All these models have been re-designed keeping in mind Hero’s philosophy of SafeTech, StyleTech and Innovation. However, the updated Hunk model is not seen in the above line-up, thus, there is a possibility of Hero discontinuing this model.


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