SPIED: Not 1, Not 2, But 3 test-mules of Mysterious TUV300 spotted

Alongside the upcoming cars, Mahindra is also testing something for the TUV300. It is unclear at the moment if its the mildly updated version based on customer feedback or an all-new variant!


I have spotted not 1, but as many as 3 different test mules of mysterious temporary Tamilnadu-registered TUV300 running without any camouflage around Mangalore since past 1 week, however, I have managed to snap only 1 of the 3 compact SUVs. These cars being tested extensively raised the possibility either of a 4×4 or petrol versions.

I couldn’t notice any cosmetic changes at all at this point, but the white test-mule of TUV300 snapped here didn’t feature any badges at the tailgate or front fender badges, while other two test-mules red and black had mHawk badges.

Only this white TUV300 spotted here was running with dummies on the front-passenger as well as on the rear seats for load testing and I would also notice the test equipment inside tethered to the prototype which suggests that the variant is not ready for production yet and will be launched sometime later.


At this point of time, we cannot assure that the test-mules spotted here featured different engine configuration, it might be mildly updated version of the current TUV300 based on customer feedback. However, there are also high-possibilities of the company testing 4×4 or petrol versions its unclear.

I also managed to read the sticker that was stuck at the front and rear windshield. Apart from the code-number of the vehicle, it was called some ‘……project’ which was undecipherable!

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