Modified Duke 200 in Green shade by KNIGHT Auto Customizers

The KTM Duke, as per us, is a standout amongst the better bikes in the nation as far as the customisation options are on offer. Other than the first PowerParts, the market is overwhelmed with extras that deck up the cruiser. The Duke bikes have been redone by many owners to extinguish their thirst of standing out from the crowd. And today we have images of a Duke 200 that will stand apart from the crowd.

modified-ktm-200-duke-green-shade-knight-auto-customizerSpruced-up Duke 200 gets eye catchy green shade to stand apart.

The Duke 200 has dropped-off its unique orange shading for a more green and mean look in the images we have. Worked upon by KNIGHT Auto Customizer, this KTM Duke 200 has been painted with pearl green with a spot of matte metallic dark wrap. The radical and sharp edges in the two-tone paint/wrap plan give this Duke 200 a reviving look. The front light has been given a smoked look while the tail light has been stickered with dark wrap.

Diverse components, for example, the windscreen, the fringe of the front light and the pillion grab bar have been wrapped in carbon fiber stickers. KNIGHT Auto Customizer is in charge of this customised bike and numerous different vehicles and you can see a greater amount of their work on the Official Facebook page. Here is a full photograph display of this modified KTM Duke 200. Do let us recognize what you think about this specially painted KTM Duke.

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GALLERY: Modified Duke 200 in Green shade

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-001     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-002     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-003

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-004     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-005     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-006

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-007     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-008     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-009

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-010     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-011     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-012

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-013     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-014     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-015

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-016     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-017     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-018

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-019     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-020     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-021

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-022     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-023     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-024

modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-025     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-026     modified-ktm-duke-200-green-shade-knight-auto-customizer-027