Apartment in Singapore lets you park your cars next to your living room (Video)

Sky Garage Apartments

Parking the car on the basement of the apartment building always worries the car owners, but now one of the apartment building in Singapore has found a solution to the problem, albeit an expensive one.

The Hamilton Scotts ‘Sky Garage Apartments’ has the typical elevator that transports its residents to their floors, but it also includes one that transports their cars as well. This elevator will bring an owner’s vehicle right into a glass enclosure just outside their living room.

A two-car garage home in the ‘Sky Garage Apartments’ will run you approx. Rs 41.64 crore, and costs can hit up to approx. Rs 133.88 crores with four parking bays attached to a penthouse.

With that said, the company is looking to expand beyond this single building to other parts of the world. Maybe one will pop up in your city.
Check out the video after the jump.