Bugatti Veyron created using 44 pages of A4 size paper (Video)

Bugatti Veyron created using 44 pages of A4 size paper (Video)

Taras Lesko, graphic designer has spent over 3 months designing and building a model Bugatti Veyron made out of paper. The petrolhead wanted to give supercar fans the chance to own a Veyron without spending £1million on one. So he designed a scale model of the 432kph supercar on his computer before printing it off and building it. Now, after 3 months of fine-tuning Taras has completed the brilliant model and put the instructions online for free.

It’s not the size of actual Bugatti Veyron, but this 2.5 feet long model has been constructed entirely out of 44 pages of A4 size paper making 159 parts of the vehicle. These bits of paper are glued together to create the Bugatti Veyron which took Tarak Lesko up to 6 days to create this paper Bugatti Veyron.

The designer has also posted instructions on how this model can be made with color templates of the same. These are for free and Lesko has stated that he would welcome donations from users for his efforts in bringing out this model and publishing the instructions on how to put it all together. This is not the first of Lesko’s achievements. He is also famous for his creation of Forza 4 Motorsport game available on Xbox 360.

Lesko’s Bugatti creation is constructed in a two toned effect of black and red with proportions and designs exactly as per the original. His website also showcases his other works of art which includes his interest in developing various models made entirely out of paper. I highly recommend taking out 2 minutes and 20 seconds out of your day to watch this one – it’s a very interesting piece.

To vistit Taras Lesko’s website, click here.


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