This Modified Daewoo Matiz will surely attract many

Daewoo Matiz was a very amazing car. The cute little vehicle came with an 800cc petrol engine that was a quite wheezy. Nonetheless, it was a good car for its time. The idea to modify the Daewoo Matiz may have cropped up in the minds of people but we came across this one guy who has literally gone a little too overboard. We came across it over web and decide to feature it.

modified-daewoo-matiz-front-viewModified Daewoo Matiz – FrontView

The work that the guy has done on the Daewoo Matiz is much like what DC Design does when they decide to modify a car. It is quite difficult to make out the donor car at all. What helps in recognizing it as the Daewoo Matiz is it’s A-pillars and the windscreen. Apparently, they were the only features of the original car that have been left untouched in the modified version.

modified-daewoo-matiz-side-viewModified Daewoo Matiz – SideView

The front of this modified Daewoo Matiz comes with exaggerated and aggressive looking headlamps. It also has a huge air dam replete that has mesh work on it. It takes away the cure look of the Matiz that was given by the front fascia with no grille and round lamps. The modified version is a two door car. It features massive side windows. The gigantic spoiler, starting from the tail lamps, appears to hold what looks like a glasshouse tapering towards the back of the car.

modified-daewoo-matiz-rear-viewModified Daewoo Matiz – RearView

The wing mirrors of the modified Daewoo Matiz have been stuck to the side windows. The rear of the car comes with massive features too, though the rear window has been shrunk to a very small size. The grille at the back is oversized and flanked by different gashes and slits. The dual exhaust outlets and rear lamps look fake. Moreover, this modified car has Honda Accord wheels. Overall, the charm of Daewoo Matiz has completely gone away.

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Source Kolkata Car Fanatics (on Facebook)