Azad 4×4’s Isuzu DMAX Vcross Tourismo: Go-Anywhere Luxury on wheels

Isuzu’s D-Max V-Cross has had a quite start in India despite being a capable product. The butch pick up truck is aimed for those who are adventure enthusiasts not willing to compromise on practicality. Weak dealer network and a heavy price tag have let this rather talented vehicle down.

But for those who already own this vehicle or are looking to buy this in the near future, the vehicle can be customized to be more practical. These pictures are of the customized go-anywhere version of the Isuzu pick-up truck. It boasts of a luxurious abode converted from a flat-bed, exterior cladding and a rugged X series glass canopy, which is helpful in off-roading.

This is coupled with Isuzu’s 2.5-litre diesel engine giving 123 bhp of power and 320 Nm of torque. It also has a unique capability to go anywhere in 4×4. Coming back to the X series canopy, the costs here are much lower than those in China or Thailand.

Even the ‘MAKE-IN-INDIA’ factor has also helped, which includes low costs for customization. This comes as a rugged vehicle for those who want to strike a balance between work in the city and adventure in terrains. These abilities give it a rather ‘Explorer’ like look.

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