Modi gets a specially designed fleet of BMW 7-Series!

narendra-modi-mahindra-scorpioPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mahindra Scorpio

There is one thing that the new Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, will be inheriting from Manmohan Singh, his predecessor. It will the custom built fleet of armored BMW 7-Series. It is one of the most secured and safe vehicle available in India. It is the Special Protection Group that takes care of and manages such matters and vehicles. The SPG may change its choice and go in favor of some new vehicle as per the desire of the new PM.

BMW 7-Series of car is strong and sturdy. It is the car that is capable to keep its occupants safe from the raging bullets of Kalashnikov to the landmine blasts. It is touted to be the official vehicle for the new Prime Minister unless he decided for something else. Even on flat tires, the BMW 7-Series is capable of running for kilometers.

narendra-modi-bmw-760li-high-security-editionPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s BMW 760Li High Security Edition

The 7-Series come with advance heat sensors incorporated in it that work by warding off bombs and missiles. The fuel tank of this car has been specially designed so that they do not explore during attack. BMW 7-Series comes with a feature that turns its cabin into a gas proof chamber and offers oxygen supply to its occupant thereby offering protection against gas attacks.

The ‘made-in-India’ Scorpio by Mahindra is among Mr. Modi’s favourite vehicles – he used it throughout his campaign for 2014 General Elections. In fact, for his swearing-in ceremony, he was driven to Rashtrapati Bhawan in his armoured Scorpio. But travelled back with the BMW 760Li High Security Edition. The final call on Prime Minister’s set of wheels was taken by the Speical Protection Group (SPG), and it chose the BMW flagship for the job.


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