REPORT: Mitsubishi Pajero to be phased-out of production

The Mitsubishi Pajero is set to go out of service in 2021, according to a media report.

The report states that Mitsubishi is planning to close its manufacturing plant in Sakahogi, Japan, located at Pajero. This facility’s production efficiency has seen a drastic drop as sales plummeted, making activity unprofitable. Although this would come as a shock to enthusiasts of Pajero, Mitsubishi has yet to confirm these reports.

The Pajero is likely to be axed from the Mitsubishi lineup worldwide. 

In 1982 the first-generation Pajero was launched with the second and third-generation vehicles arriving respectively in 1991 and 1999. At the Paris Motor Show 2006 Mitsubishi unveiled the fourth-generation vehicle. The 2015 SUV has received an upgrade. It has received a few changes to the interiors in addition to a new exterior.

In Japan the Pajero was discontinued in August 2019. But Mitsubishi released the “Final Edition” which was limited to only 700 units, before it was discontinued.

In India the Pajero has been replaced by the Pajero Sport. It was powered by a four-cylinder, 2.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produced 176 BHP and 400 Nm.


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Source: Asia Nikkei