A miffed customer of Jaguar India said even a donkey is better than their XF luxury sedan

Recently a person decked his white Jaguar XF in some handmade posters that clearly gave the idea how the owner regarded the service related issues of the international automaker. At the front grille of the car, the poster read ‘Bogus Company’, ‘Bogus Car’ and ‘Bogus Service.’ The poster also asked whether a donkey was better over this INR 50 Lac car. The owner of the car, Mr. Rahul Thakar, states that it will be better to have a 6-seater auto rickshaw rather than owing a Jaguar and then adds it may be better to have a donkey than the XF.

donkey-better-jaguar-xf-indiaA miffed customer of Jaguar India said even a donkey is better than their XF luxury sedan

The car was paraded around with about 8 donkeys. Someone went on to add hay bale as decoration on the Jaguar XF car. Some bits were strewn on the rooftop of the car while others were hold up by window glass and windscreen wipers. The basic issue was that the owner of the car has been encountering various issues with his Jaguar XF and was so fed up with it that he took his protest to the doorstep of Jaguar’s Ahmedabad dealership.

He had earlier tried contacting the dealership but they were quite defensive and they ended the call with ‘no comment.’ The problems that Mr. Thakar were facing involved problematic bumper and headlights. There were some issues with the mechanics of the car as well. It appears that the dealership was not able to detect what went wrong with the car.

The spokesperson from Jaguar India has released the statement that they follow ‘customer first’ philosophy to ensure that all their customers get to enjoy consistent and outstanding customer services across the globe. They have investigated this particular incident and have contacted the concerned customer with the agenda to resolve the issue. We hope that the company heeds to the matter as soon as possible.

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