Chinese Driver angry with Range Rover, hires Donkeys



The Chinese seem to be the most vocal, or should I call it, visual lot when it comes to showing displeasure when their automobiles fail to work as expected. Days ago, we had a Lamborghini Gallardo getting smashed up to waste metal in China as the car failed mechanically.

Fast forward to now, a Chinese man’s Range Rover SUV from the iconic Land Rover stables broke down not once, not twice but all of six times. Eventually, a new engine was what was needed to put the SUV back on the streets. Annoyed, the car owner summoned a bunch of donkeys, which he used to tow the Range Rover to the Land Rover Dealership in China to ask for a full refund.

Apparently the guy paid ¥2 million (Approximately Rs. 1,36,80,000/-) for the English SUV in 2010. Since the purchase, the car reportedly broke down six times and eventually needed a new engine. When it died a seventh time, the owner was apparently at wit’s end. According to Asian auto news outlet TheTycho, the doubtlessly dumbfounded dealer refused to give the customer a refund.

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Source – TheTycho