Mercedes to launch A & B-Class in India

Mercedes-Benz B-class


Mercedes Benz is doing well in India with ever rising sales of the luxury cars. There has been a stiff competition between BMW and Mercedes in India to claim the number one position in luxury car sales. In its continuous effort to sell more cars in India, Mercedes will launch its compact cars of Mercedes A Class and Mercedes B Class in India by 2013. These compact cars will be priced below the Mercedes C Class which is the lowest prices Mercedes in India at present.

Peter Alexander Trettin , president and CEO of Daimler’s central/eastern Europe, Africa and Asia regions: The new range of A and B Class cars are currently under development and would be launched globally in 2013 (market introduction in 2012) along with India in the same year with Mercedes looking at developing right-hand-drive versions from the beginning.

Mercedes will price these cars in between Rs. 15 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Lakhs. The cars will be brought to India via CKD route. These two segments will help Merc India capture a customer base who are looking for luxury in the price range lower than the C-Class price bracket.

With high local content, it could help Mercedes to price the cars competitively. Audi is also considering the A1 and BMW is planning to launch the MINI brand in India. This could certainly lead to price wars with the end customer getting good deals.