VIDEO: Mercedes CLA 45 AMG ‘Ah My God’ viral ad campaign, launch on 22-July

Mercedes-Benz India is all set to launch India’s first ‘Compact Performance Sedan’ the CLA 45 AMG on 22-July, 2014. Attributed as an important first for Mercedes-Benz, the ‘Ah My God’ communication campaign will lead to the introduction of the CLA 45AMG in India. The highlight of this campaign is Mercedes-Benz India’s first ever India specific TVC. The campaign is conceptualized and produced by Mercedes-Benz’s digital agency, CreativeLand Asia.

mercedes-cla-45-amg-ah-my-god-front-viewMercedes CLA 45 AMG – FrontView

Globally AMG is synonymous with high performance motoring and cutting edge technological innovations. The Mercedes-AMG brand is the undisputed leaders in racing circuit and the current F1 success is a tribute to the brand’s prowess in performance motoring. In India, the AMG brand has an impeccable stature for introducing high performance cars and enjoys immense popularity among customers, auto aficionados and motoring enthusiasts. The new CLA 45 AMG transports this fascination, perfection and emotion of brand AMG to India’s first “Compact Performance Sedan”.

With the launch of the new CLA 45 AMG, the brand intends to open up to new target groups and reach-out to a more people. In order to connect with a larger audience, “AMG” brand is being communicated in a simple and relevant manner. This communication has been done by connecting AMG with a creative expression – ‘Ah My God”. This is the strong feeling that current owners or brand enthusiasts get when they get inside an AMG car.

mercedes-cla-45-amg-ah-my-god-rear-viewMercedes CLA 45 AMG – RearView

To promote this communication strongly, a TV commercial has been created to communicate ‘Ah My God’ expression, with the CLA 45 AMG being the lead car used in the communication. This conforms the aspirational feeling to ‘Drive and Experience’ the AMG and not just ‘Owning it’. ‘The Ah My God’ has been coined to capture the indescribable feeling of driving the car. The communication starts with a TV Commercial where viewers are asked, ‘When was the last time you felt something you just couldn’t put into words? This feeling is further drawn parallel by getting behind the wheel of an AMG. It is this indescribable feeling which is put in words, through the expression – Ah My God!

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented, “Driving Performance is the brand pledge of our performance brand- AMG and we at Mercedes-Benz are all set to redefine performance motoring in India with the launch of the CLA 45 AMG. This compact performance sedan is the latest AMG in India and its immense potential excites us tremendously. The success of our New Generation Cars in India only gives us more reason to believe that, the CLA 45 AMG will fascinate our young customer groups. With this launch, Mercedes-Benz will be pioneering the ‘Compact Performance Sedan’ segment in India, similar to the introduction of ‘Compact Luxury’ in India. As the CLA 45 AMG will reach out to a whole new young customer group, we are launching the ‘Ah My God’ campaign which includes the first-ever India specific TV Commercial. The excitement and buzz already generated in the digital space even before the car’s India launch, is a testimony of the inherent strength of brand AMG and the bright prospect of the CLA 45 AMG.”

mercedes-cla-45-amg-ah-my-god-interior-viewMercedes CLA 45 AMG – InteriorView

Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia, commented, “Ah My God’ is a simple yet self-explanatory expression we have used to deliver the power of the CLA 45 AMG. We are excited to be part of the first ever TV commercial of Mercedes-Benz produced in India”.

The ‘Ah My God’ TV Commercial’s music score is by Mike McCleary, a Mumbai based songwriter, composer, performer and producer. He studied Composition and Orchestration at the Wellington Conservatorium of Music and at Victoria University, Wellington. He then worked as a music producer in London at Trident Studios London among other places. Mikey is the talent behind some of the successful and recognizable tracks for India’s biggest advertising campaigns including Vodafone, Coca Cola, Levis and Nestle. Mercedes-Benz India also plans to upload this catchy music score in iStore and also make it available as mobile download.

The below video is slated to be aired on television after 22nd of July and the print campaign will follow subsequently.

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