Mercedes-Benz redefines individualization by introducing the exclusive ‘designo’ platform in India

In a one of its kind aggressive model initiative that underpins the brand philosophy of ‘Best or Nothing’, Mercedes-Benz recently launched the exclusive ‘designo’ platform along with three products that sets new benchmark in modern luxury, design aesthetics, technology and bespoke craftsmanship. The finest example representing Mercedes-Benz’s philosophy of sensuous clarity – the S 500 Coupé; the breathtaking and irresistible – AMG S 63 Coupé and the timeless work of handcraftsmanship, the AMG G 63 ‘Crazy Colour’ Edition, were launched for the Indian market by Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.


  • Designo App: Mercedes-Benz also launched a unique ‘designo’ app for the iPad. Created for the specially trained sales personnel, this app will enable hundreds of different combination for customization. The ‘designo’ app will also significantly enhance the look of the car through various customization options. The customer can also receive instant price quotes for the model he has customized.
  • Designo Platform: Mercedes-Benz ‘designo’ offers a host of individualization options to choose from; exclusive paint finishes, high quality interior appointments and trims. designo appointments enhances the unmatched dimensions that patron can create for their Mercedes-Benz. Whether it is exclusive paint finishes, hand-sewn leather upholstery, trims made from fine wood or lustrous natural stone, the choice of materials and unparalleled craftsmanship from designo brings in a unique sensuous experience, sought after by Mercedes-Benz customers. designo customisation ensures particular design specifications are carefully implemented using traditional craftsmanship and the customers owns a car that is produced according to their ideas and needs.
  • Designo Leather: An important component of designo platform is the interior upholstery of the cars. The designo leather upholstery comes in single or two-tone combination with black designo leather, varying on the Mercedes-Benz model.
  • Designo Trim Elements: designo trim elements, whether made in wood, piano lacquer, carbon fibre or stone; are created out of the finest materials. designo wood trim elements are selected, sorted, stained, lacquered with several clear coats and finally polished, all by hand. Raw materials are thus transformed into designo creation with exquisite display of handcraftsmanship. Similarly, designo stone trim is fashioned from granite following a patented procedure which includes a careful selection, cutting into water thin sheets and finished. A Piano lacquer trim for instance is created with similar meticulous care that goes into creating a grand piano by coating the trim elements by up to ten layers of lacquer.
  • Designo Paint Finishes: designo paint finishes provides an extra degree of exclusivity with a range of fascinating colours. Combining metallic paint with a satin finish, designo paints are visually captivating.
  • Designo Extras: The designo range also includes a wide selection of exclusive additional features, ranging from carbon fibre exterior packages to seat massagers. Customers can further enhance the exclusivity of their vehicles by adding these features.

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, commented:

“We are launching in India the ‘designo’ platform which epitomizes individualization and will offer our discerning customers with innumerable customization options to choose, ranging from exclusive paint finishes, high quality interior appointments and trims. We have seen an increasing demand for exclusivity and customization from our customers and the launch of the ‘designo’ range will further reinforce Mercedes-Benz’s customer focused approach, transforming customer delight to the next level. With the ‘designo’ platform, we are enabling the customers to add special value to their cars and create a new trend of customization in the luxury car industry. We have seen the Indian luxury car customers are increasingly seeking higher levels of customization and Mercedes-Benz with its latest product portfolio and the new ‘designo’ platform will have a clear edge in catering to these diverse customer requirements.”

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