Mercedes-Benz AMG ends partnership with Ducati

Mercedes-Ducati AMG

Following Audi’s announcement of it acquiring Ducati, Mercedes-Benz AMG has released a statement saying it will be ending its marketing relationship with Ducati, the Italian two wheeler company. This decision was taken immediately after Audi made an official announcement to acquire the Ducati brand lock, stock and barrel from Investindustrial Group.

Obviously, due to Ducati’s acquisition, Audi and Mercedes Benz, the two auto rivals cannot be associated with the same company in any way whatsoever. Audi has completed their acquisition of Ducati Motor Holdings and details are expected to be revealed by this month. Besides this the Volkswagen Group has also absorbed all Ducati debts which are close to €200 million.

It was ever since the end of 2010 that AMG and Ducati shared a common marketing cooperation but now with the takeover by a rival auto company this collaboration has obviously come to an end. The Audi Ducati deal was signed and sealed recently but government approval is still pending even though official announcements were made at the Audi annual shareholder’s meeting.


Press Release –

“Since the end of 2010 a successful marketing cooperation has existed between AMG and Ducati,” Mercedes-Benz said. “The company takeover by a rival car manufacturer has understandably resulted in the end of any further collaboration. The takeover of Ducati was never our aim – our focus lies clearly in developing and producing premium performance cars and we will be concentrating all our energy on this.”


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Mercedes AMG Partner With Italian Motorcycle Manufacturer Ducati


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