Maruti’s Manesar Plant restarts production of Nissan Pixo hatchback

Nissan Pixo - FrontView

Maruti Suzuki has re-started production of Pixo, Nissan Europe’s entry-level hatchback, from its Manesar plant that was locked out for a month due to violence and rioting by workers. Nissan Pixo is sold as Suzuki Alto in some European countries whereas in India it is sold under the name Maruti Suzuki A-Star.

The Pixo will be equipped with a better tuned engine which will provide better fuel economy and lowered CO2 emissions. This will allow for the car to qualify for tax exemptions in London. This new engine is coupled with a start and stop ignition system to make it more fuel-efficient. On the other hand, the interiors have been revamped and new paint choices made available.

Maruti is hoping to deliver about 10,000 Pixo units to the London region so as to enable its export growth. The Pixo is similar to the A-star, but it has been redesigned as per Nissan’s requirements. Analysts say the resumption of Pixo supplies to Nissan will help Maruti get production at Manesar back on track.
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Nissan Pixo - SideView

Nissan Pixo - RearView