Maruti Vitara Brezza could intimidate an Audi Q3

The official web-page of the Maruti Vitara Brezza has gone live, ahead of its world debut at the 2016 Auto Expo which will be held from February 5-9, 2016 at Greater Noida.


The Vitara Brezza is scheduled to launch in a few weeks after the biennial event. It was officially teased to get the ball rolling its debut, but things didn’t went as Maruti Suzuki calculated because the folks updating the website mistakenly updated the 2012 Audi Q3s front-fascia instead of the Vitara Brezza. But not before they got trolled online. Now they have removed the teaser image from their web-page.


From the above image, you will note that the wedge-shaped headlights with xenon plus units and LED daytime running lights (DRLs), front grille design, bonnet crease line, front fender crease line is of the 2012 Audi Q3. Maruti Suzuki has just adorned a ‘Suzuki’ logo in the grille section alternatively to the Audi logo with its 4 rings that identifies the Germany’s oldest-established automaker.

Looking at the previous set of spyshots, it is evident that the Vitara Brezza gets large honeycomb grille on the front with projector headlight and integrated LED DRLs which is nothing close to the Audi Q3.

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  • Harikrishnan Venugopal

    What do you mean mistakenly updated ? Do you call taking a picture of an Audi and photoshopping the Suzuki logo into it and posting it online to tease the new Maruti SUV, a mistake ?

  • Maruti Suzuki probably out-sourced the marketing services. But they must have been discreet, really discreet on such sensitive marketing material!…

  • Harikrishnan Venugopal

    Indeed! Maruti officials may not have any idea about this! Maybe the web developer did it own his own discretion. But this should never happen with the country’s leading car maker, like you said. They should come forward and explain or apologize! Technically speaking, Audi can even move against Maruti Suzuki legally, can’t they ?

  • Don’t expect Maruti Suzuki to provide any official comment or statement in this regard. Instead they’ll silently take action against those marketing service provider or even terminate the contract.